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Anything goes, but don't blink you might miss...

...Cause heaven ain't close in a place like this

21 January
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I'll do this later.
80's movies, aim, alkaline trio, american eagle outfitters, andrew, animals, babies, bad commercials, badmitton, books, bowling, boys, bright eyes, candles, capture the flag, cat, chicago, chris bacchi, clothes, comedy central, creativity, cuddling, dan, dancing, deep conversations, depression, donnie darko, drama, drinking, driving, drugs, drums, dvds, eating, family guy, fights, fire, fliting, four corners, franz ferdinand, freddy mercury, friends, fun, ghosts, h&m, hair dye, hanging out, happiness, harry potter books, hilton sisters, hoodies, hugs, humor, insomnia, internet, ireland, irony, jeans, john, kyle, lakes, late nights, laughing, leah, legends, life, lingerie, lip gloss, local bands, lord of the rings, love, magazines, making out, martyna, mascara, matt, mc donalds, medicine, meghan, memories, mimi, mix cds, movies, music, my coolest years, napping, parks, parties, people, philosophy, photos, pink (not the singer), plato's closet, poetry, pop culture, power rangers, rain, reading, record players, records, red bull, road trips, rock, rocky horror picture show, roller coasters, sara, sarcasm, school, screaming, sega, seven bridges, sex talks, shoes, shopping, skiing, sleeping, smiles, soda, softball, south park, spooning, stars, stuff, summer, swimming, target, tattoos, teddy ruxpin, television, tennis, the beatles, the cure, the doors, the real world, the simple life, the simpsons, the stop, the virgin suicides, the white stripes, thinking, thrift stores, tim burton, trains, traveling, tv, van morrison, vh1, warsh, writing, you